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Census Returns

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184118511861 1871188118911901 1911
Brighton, Sussex Brighton, Sussex Bethnal Green Bethnal Green Acton Acton Hackney Chatham (HMS Pembroke)
Chiddingstone, Kent Chiddingstone Dithchling, Sussex Isle of Dogs Greenwich Chelsea Isleworth Infirmary Poplar - 1
Ightham, Kent Ightham - 1 Gt Coggeshale, Essex Islington Hackney - 1 Hackney Poplar Poplar - 2
Leigh, Kent Ightham - 2 Ightham Limehouse Hackney - 2 Ightham West Ham
Limehouse Islington Isle of Dogs Tonbridge, Kent Isle of Dogs Leigh, Kent
Marylebone Leyton, Essex Limehouse Walthamstow, Essex Leigh - 1, Kent Limehouse
Mile End Old Town Limehouse St Pancras Warehorne, Kent Leigh - 2, Kent Poplar
Poplar Seal, Kent Tonbridge, Kent Westminster Limehouse
Seal, Kent Stepney Walthamstow, Essex Witham, Essex Otford, Kent
St Pancras Tonbridge, Kent Witham, Essex Poplar
Walthamstow - 1 Witham, Essex
Walthamstow - 2
Witham - 1, Essex
Witham - 2, Essex
Witham - 3, Essex
Woodford, Essex
Note that only transcripts relevant to the Elliott family are included here: for details of all other census returns please refer to the National Archives.