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Residents of Harrap Street, Poplar getting ready for the street party held to celebrate the coronation of King George VI on 12 May 1937.

Coronation Day 1936
From left-to-right: Unknown; Albert Edward Brown, 4 Harrap St; Mrs Sarah Jane Mack, 2 Harrap St; unknown; Frank Matthew Foweraker, 15 Harrap St; Mrs Dorothy Mary Ann Brown, 4 Harrap St; Mrs Dorothy Caroline Elliott (nee Dore), 3 Harrap St and Mrs Francis Allen, 1 Harrap St. The street was destroyed by enemy action during World War II. All that I can recall is the debris that remained after the war until it was cleared as part of the London Dockland development scheme in 1990s. I would really like to hear from anyone related to residents of Harrap Steet, Poplar (for contact detail see contact link above).
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