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The Eliott Family home during the early part of World War II, c. 1940 - 41.

the Elliott family house in Harrap Street, Poplar was destroyed by enemy action. After a period of evacuation in Somerset in 1941, the family returned to live in Hornchurch, Essex away from the continual bombing around the docks. They managed to find a bungalow at 135 Stanley Road, Hornchurch next to Harrow Lodge Park, a distance of approximately thirteen miles from the dockyards of Poplar. However, Dorothy Caroline being used to living in the east end of London could not get accustomed to life in the suburbs and within a year they returned to live in Poplar.

Elliott Family Home 135 Stanley Road, Hornchurch
No 135 Stanley Road, Hornchurch: the Elliott family home c.1941.

Map 135 Stanley Road, Hornchurch
Stanley Road, Hornchurch is located next to Harrow Lodge Park, a distance of approximately 20km from the dockyards of Poplar, East London.
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