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At the outbreak of war in 1939, the government set-up a national register of the population of the United Kingdom to enable ration books to be used to control distribution of essential food and clothing. The table below gives the entries for Hanbury Buildings, Poplar. For reasons of privacy, entries for persons young enough to possibly be living at the time of the release of the data have been withheld. Additional names may be found in the index of electors resident in Hanbury Buildings, Poplar and census and baptisms for Hanbury Buildings Poplar.

Address Name Gender D of B Status Occupation
1 Hanbury PlaceIzatt Wm HyM01 Feb 97MGeneral Labourer
2 Hanbury PlaceBlackburn WmM9 Feb 61MBlind Pensioner Ret'd
2 Hanbury PlaceBlackburn Mary JF27 Nov 63MUnpaid D D
3 Hanbury PlaceIzatt JanetF18 Jul 64WNil Too Old
4 Hanbury PlaceIzatt ElizF8 Jul 02MUnpaid Home D
6 Hanbury PlaceDixon George AM7 Nov 02MMercantile Fireman
6 Hanbury PlaceDixon RoseF5 May 12MUnpaid D D
6 Hanbury PlaceDixon WmM10 Feb 35SSchool
6 Hanbury PlaceBurgin JohnM06 Feb 96MFireman Mercantile
8 & 9 Hanbury PlaceToohey WmM16 Jun 00MRivetter
8 & 9 Hanbury PlaceToohey Emily JF11 Sep 05MJam Factory Retired
10 Hanbury PlaceOakley Chas JM25 Feb 70MDock Labourer
10 Hanbury PlaceOakley ???F10 Nov 63MUnpaid Home Duties
11 Hanbury PlaceGillham AlfdM16 Jul 74MBuilders Labourer
11 Hanbury PlaceGillham KateF21 Jan 77MUnpaid Dom D
11 Hanbury PlaceRobt VM8 Sep 06SBedding Washer
11 Hanbury PlaceElliot Doris RF21 Sep 23SMachinist Dressing Gowns
12 Hanbury PlaceKeating JerryM9 Jun 70MStevedore
12 Hanbury PlaceKeating HarrietF29 Sep 74MUnpaid Dom D
13 Hanbury PlaceStimson Edwd SM8 Feb 86MWood Sawyer
13 Hanbury PlaceStimson DorisF10 May 97MUnpaid Do Duties
13 Hanbury PlaceLovering Geog EM28 Oct 66WRetired Servant
15 Hanbury PlacePennington JoeM22 Feb 02MMetal Roller
15 Hanbury PlacePennington RoseF5 Dec 05MShell Filler
16 Hanbury PlacePennington Joe WM1 Dec 80WPublic Works Labourer
16 Hanbury PlacePennington AliceF4 Aug 14SMattress Finisher
17 Hanbury PlaceCurle John FdkM30 Jun 95MHouse Painter
17 Hanbury PlaceCurle JennieF25 Jan 99MUnpaid D D
18 Hanbury PlaceHatton ThomasM8 Sep 04MRoad Navvy
20 Hanbury PlaceLovering Walt HyM20 Apr 07MLabourer Mineral Grinding
20 Hanbury PlaceLovering KathF2 Mar 13MUnpaid Dom Duties
20 Hanbury PlaceLovering Walter EM2 Feb 35SSchool
21 Hanbury PlaceMullins AnnieF21 Jan 95FUnpaid Home Duties
24 Hanbury PlaceCurle Hy WmM 30 Apr 60WNil
25 Hanbury PlaceAshmore Thos WM9 Oct 02MStorekeeper ARP Store
25 Hanbury PlaceAshmore MaryF1 Feb 05MUnpaid Dom S
25 Hanbury PlaceAshmore Mary KF7 Nov 37SBaby
28 Hanbury PlaceSabbarton MaryF18 Nov 92WUnpaid Dom D
28 Hanbury PlaceBlake EdwdM6 Nov 84WDock Labourer
29 Hanbury PlaceDowding Wm GM2 Jul 86MFish Fryer
29 Hanbury PlaceDowding Alice RF12 Jul 92MUnpaid Dom D
29 Hanbury PlaceDowding ChasM16 Jan 20SGenl Labourer
32 Hanbury PlaceAbdul EmphmF6 May 05MUnpaid Dom D
33 Hanbury PlaceLowe Alfd HyM20 Oct 68MBuilders Labourer
33 Hanbury PlaceLowe EmphmF16 Mar 66MUnpaid Dom D


  1.  'D of B' stands for 'Date of Birth'
  2.  'Status' stands for 'Marital Status'
  3.  'Dom D' stands for 'Domestic Duties'
  4.  'Alfd', 'Chas'and 'Edwd' stands for 'Alfred', 'Charles' and 'Edward'
  5.  'Emphm', 'Fdk' and 'Geor' stands for 'Emphemia', 'Frederick' and 'George'
  6.  'Hy', 'Thos' and 'Wm' stands for 'Henry', 'Thomas' and 'William'
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