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Index of Electors - Hanbury Buildings, Poplar

The index below gives the names of people living in Hanbury Buildings that are entitled to vote as both Parimentary and County Electors. The names have been taken from the Register of Electors held at the London Metropolitan Archives, and covers the years from 1890 to 1910. Apart from amalgamating contiguous entries (to save space) and sorting into alphabetical order, no attempt has been made refine the data. One person may therefore appear more than once, if, for example, they lived in more than one of the addresses in Hanbury Buildings. Additional names may be found in the index to census and baptisms for Hanbury Buildings Poplar.

SurnameForenamesAddressYear FromYear To
AllenSarah9 Hanbury Place19101910
BevanWilliam17 Hanbury Place18961896
BlackburnJohn20 Hanbury Place19091909
BlackburnWilliam20 Hanbury Place19101910
BlackmoreJohn23 Hanbury Place19061908
BlackwellLouisa19 Hanbury Place18921893
BlackwellWilliam19 Hanbury Place18901890
CharlesAnnie4 Hanbury Place19001902
CharlesGeorge4 Hanbury Place18921899
CharlesGeorge Longmore6 Hanbury Place18901891
CloverHenry8 Hanbury Place18991904
CobbinErnest20 Hanbury Place19081908
ColtonGeorge17 Hanbury Place18971898
ColtonJohn12 Hanbury Place18991901
CotterJohn25 Hanbury Place18911892
CoultonGeorge12 Hanbury Place19061909
CranfieldHenry28 Hanbury Place18951895
CranfieldHenry28 Hanbury Place19021909
CranfieldJohn28 Hanbury Place18961899
CurlHenry9 Hanbury Place18991899
CurleHenry22 Hanbury Place19001910
DaviesEdward35 Hanbury Place19071909
DaviesWilliam35 Hanbury Place19051906
DavisonAnn21 Hanbury Place19031905
DrewRobert18 Hanbury Place19051905
DriscollJohn11 Hanbury Place18991899
EdwardsPeter34 Hanbury Place18991901
ElliottCharles2 Hanbury Place19001910
ElliottCharles14 Hanbury Place19071908
ElliottWilliam20 Hanbury Place18901905
FairbrassEllen12 Hanbury Place18921894
FieldWalter31 Hanbury Place18981904
FieldWalter11 Hanbury Place19051910
FlemingDavid16 Hanbury Place18921895
FlemingDavid8 Hanbury Place18961897
FrenchWilliam Henry6 Hanbury Place19001901
GibsonJames25 Hanbury Place18991899
GibsonJames9 Hanbury Place19001901
GreenChristopher24 Hanbury Place18981909
GreenJames15 Hanbury Place18941900
HallWilliam31 Hanbury Place18921892
HamiltonWilliam3 Hanbury Place18971899
HardyThomas23 Hanbury Place18961904
HareThomas19 Hanbury Place18951895
HauptWilliam32 Hanbury Place19021902
HeatherCharles5 Hanbury Place18941896
HeatherJames5 Hanbury Place18931893
HeatherJames5 Hanbury Place18971899
HeidemGeorge6 Hanbury Place19051908
HeidrantWilliam6 Hanbury Place19101910
HillJohn10 Hanbury Place18921894
HoneyballWilliam Thomas5 Hanbury Place19071907
HopeWilliam32 Hanbury Place18991901
HuntleyJohn3 Hanbury Place18901892
IslesJohn7 Hanbury Place19071910
IsleyWalter5 Hanbury Place19081908
IsleyWalter5 Hanbury Place19101910
IzattJames3 Hanbury Place19091910
JohnsonThomas7 Hanbury Place18981899
JonesEdward32 Hanbury Place19071910
JonesEdward 25 Hanbury Place18901890
JonesJoseph34 Hanbury Place19031904
JonesJoseph13 Hanbury Place19061910
JonesRobert14 Hanbury Place19021902
JonesThomas34 Hanbury Place19071907
JonesThomas16 Hanbury Place19081908
JonesThomas21 Hanbury Place19091910
KellyKatherine33 Hanbury Place18931895
KennetJohn24 Hanbury Place18951895
King Henry Charles31 Hanbury Place19071910
KingEdward Charles14 Hanbury Place18901891
KingRichard3 Hanbury Place18941894
LambJohn7 Hanbury Place18941895
LambThomas6 Hanbury Place18961896
LeeElizabeth6 Hanbury Place18941895
LewisThomas10 Hanbury Place19011901
LoweAlfred33 Hanbury Place19071910
LucasCharles14 Hanbury Place18981899
LyonsEdward30 Hanbury Place18971897
MantleJohn1 Hanbury Place19061910
MaysonJames18 Hanbury Place18961899
McGraithWilliam10 Hanbury Place19061907
McGraithWilliam8 Hanbury Place19091909
MeacherAlfred1 Hanbury Place18901890
MeacherAlfred1 Hanbury Place18921894
JohnMiller14 Hanbury Place19041904
MillerJoseph15 Hanbury Place19051906
MiltonFrank15 Hanbury Place19021904
MorganLewis2 Hanbury Place18901898
MorganRichard11 Hanbury Place19031904
MunroJohn32 Hanbury Place18911891
MurchinJohn1 Hanbury Place18911891
NewberyJohn29 Hanbury Place18951895
NewberyWilliam George29 Hanbury Place18961897
NewburyWilliam George29 Hanbury Place19001904
NewburyWilliam George29 and 30 Hanbury Place19051905
NewlingJohn29 Hanbury Place18961896
NewmanGeorge9 Hanbury Place18911896
OakleyJames35 Hanbury Place18981903
O'NeillCharles30 Hanbury Place18921893
OxleyJohn17 Hanbury Place18911891
PattersonAgnes27 Hanbury Place19051910
PattersonJames27 Hanbury Place18901891
PattersonJohn James27 Hanbury Place18921904
PetersGeorge21 Hanbury Place18981899
PettittGeorge3 Hanbury Place19051906
PhilpottGeorge1 Hanbury Place18961897
PrinceSteven21 Hanbury Place19081908
RhodesWilliam30 Hanbury Place19001901
RhodesWilliam10 Hanbury Place19021903
RichardsWalter10 Hanbury Place18991899
RichardsWilliam29 Hanbury Place18921892
RichleyFrank13 Hanbury Place18901892
RichleyFrederick13 Hanbury Place18931904
RitsonThomas17 Hanbury Place19021903
SabbertonMary Jane23 Hanbury Place19101910
SchofieldWalter18 Hanbury Place19021904
SchofieldWalter31 Hanbury Place19051905
SchofieldWalter9 Hanbury Place19081909
SeawardJohn10 Hanbury Place18911891
SkidmoreCharles18 Hanbury Place18911892
SkidmoreCharles26 Hanbury Place18931904
SkidmoreCharles25 and 26 Hanbury Place19051910
SkidmoreHenry18 Hanbury Place18901890
StantonThomas30 Hanbury Place19031905
StewartEllen33 Hanbury Place18911891
TerryJohn18 Hanbury Place19081909
ThorneKate24 Hanbury Place18921898
ThurgarHenry Thomas34 Hanbury Place18951895
ThurgarThomas25 Hanbury Place18931893
TivymanHenry12 Hanbury Place18981898
TurnerJohn17 Hanbury Place18941894
TurnerWilliam22 Hanbury Place18951899
TylerThomas16 Hanbury Place18971905
WalkerFrancis4 Hanbury Place19041905
WalkerFrancis4 Hanbury Place19081910
WallaceWilliam5 Hanbury Place19001901
WallaceWilliam5 Hanbury Place19031903
WarrickJames31 Hanbury Place18951895
WarwickCharlotte31 Hanbury Place18951896
WarwickCharlotte32 Hanbury Place18971897
WarwickCharlotte33 Hanbury Place18991905
WarwickCharlotte16 Hanbury Place19061907
WarwickJane31 Hanbury Place18941894
WarwickJane33 Hanbury Place18981898
WatkinsWilliam1 Hanbury Place18991904
WebbCharles25 Hanbury Place19011901
WenhurstHannah18 Hanbury Place18931893
WestHenry8 Hanbury Place18901895
WilfordCharles6 Hanbury Place18981898
WoodbridgeGeorge19 Hanbury Place18981909
WoodhamGeorge21 Hanbury Place18931896
WoodhamJames21 Hanbury Place18921892

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